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Outsourcing for Enterprises

An enterprise must provide adequate human resource functions such as staffing, technology and training. The business must stay in compliance with increasingly complex and ever-changing federal and state employment laws such as ACA, FLSA, FMLA, EEOC, I-9 regulations and more. Enterprises can grow exponentially as a result of partnering with an HR Outsourcing expert who is well versed with broad expertise. As a result, the business can focus on essential functions. HR experts understand and provide payroll administration, workers comp and risk management.

PEO / Co-Employment Advantage

A co-employment (PEO) option is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way for a company to manage its HR department. By associating with a co-employment arrangement, a company can reduce the risks and cost of having employees, and reducing the daily responsibilities of human resources—administration, payroll, benefits, and risk management issues.

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Project-Based Specificity

An enterprise can effectively utilize the HR Practice Audit & Risk Assessment to diagnose and underline areas that need specific attention. Upon determing the specific areas that need critical attention, the business can determine what actions, if any, it can take with proven processes. After which, the projects may include a specific policy, handbook, procedure, and an employee survey or employee benefit communication.

Short & Long-Term Consulting

Enterprises can rely on human resource expertise to identify necessities and aid in completing a useful manner. Companies may need short-term human resource consultation in addition to completing a project to supplement or complement their internal team.

On-Site Management

As a primary function, on-site management assists in your location with all areas of human resources. Professional staff will work directly with owners and communicate with employees as appropriate in a compliant manner.

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